Ohioans are looking for new representation in Congress.

Or that’s what you could conclude from the most recent federal campaign filings due over the weekend. Campaign fundraising reports from several Ohio Democrats challening incumbent Members of Congress showed not just impressive fundraising, but in four instances, Democrats actually outraised their Republican opponents.

Let’s look at the matchups, starting with Ohio Democrats’ top Congressional money-raiser:

1st District: Aftab Pureval (D) $664,000 vs Steve Chabot (R) $171,000

7th District: Ken Harbaugh (D) $325,000  vs Bob Gibbs (R) $113,000

14th District: Betsy Rader (D) $272,000 vs Dave Joyce (R) $250,000

10th District: Theresa Gasper (D) $169,000 vs Mike Turner (R) $103,000

In all cases, Republicans hold the cash on hand advantage thanks to carryovers from past campaigns and a fundraising head start, but those type of numbers, particuarl from Pureval and Harbaugh, have to be making their opponents nervous.

Two other Democrats on the ballot reported raising over $100,000 in the quarter:

  • In District 12, Democrat Danny O’Connor leads the field in the contested primary for the 12th District special election to replace Pat Tiberi with $162,000. He was outraised in the quarter by four Republican contenders, though a couple padded their numbers with loans and without an $80,000 loan to herself, Republican Carol O’Brien actually raised less than O’Connor.
  • In District 15, Democrat Rick Neal reported raising $142,000, with $25,000 of that coming in the form of a loan from the candidate. His opponent, Steve Stivers has a comfortable lead, reporting $705,000 in contributions in the quarter. However, only $162,000 of that came from individual contributors. Most–$541,000–came from political action committees and another $37,000 came in the form of transfers from other political committees. No report is yet available for the other Democrat running in District 15, Rob Jarvis.

If you back out those lavish PAC contributions to Stivers, District 1’s Pureval is the far and away fundraising champion when it comes to actual Ohioans opening their wallets and giving to a candidate. Nice work Aftab!