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According to the April 10 Politico’s Morning Education (quoting a Dallas Morning News story) Secretary DeVos said Oklahoma teachers who walked out on the job “should keep adult disagreements and disputes in a separate place and serve the students…” Further the Secretary said, “We need to stay focused on what’s right for kids.” That is correct, Secretary DeVos, we should focus on what’s right for kids! An adequate and equitable public school system is right for kids. A constitutional system of school funding is right for kids. A system that does not drain funds from school districts […]

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by John K. Hartman

The Columbus Dispatch cannot give Dave Yost enough sweetheart coverage in his bid for Ohio Attorney General. The newspaper might as well be named deputy campaign manager for the Delaware Republican and current state auditor. This is hardly the way the recently crowned Ohio’s best newspaper should behave.

In fact, it is hard to remember the name of Yost’s Democratic opponent. Let me take a moment to look it up. The Democrat candidate for attorney general is Steve Dettlebach. He gets little coverage in the newspaper and and when he did get covered, the Dispatch […]

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Trump; Huffing and Puffing Again

On April 16, 2018 By

Mission accomplished!

The only stage prop missing from President Trump’s declaration of indivisible triumph in the missile attack on Syria was an aircraft carrier from which George W. Bush announced our “victory” over Iraq.

We could see it coming after Bush’s first team declared that homeowners in Baghdad would soon lay out a square dedicated to America. That was a couple of months or so before Bush landed carrier-top in his flight regalia to assure us peace was at hand.

After all, Dick Cheney had been telling anyone who asked that the war would end not in a few months but […]

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