Last night, in a highly predictable development, the Franklin County Democratic Party voted 86-9 to endorse Rich Cordray and other statewide democrats in the May Primary. Speakers included former ODP Chair and State Representative David Leland and Columbus City Councilwoman Liz Brown, and many cited Cordray’s long career of public service, his early endorsement of Barack Obama in 2008 and his Franklin County roots.

Some were less excited about the move.

In the crowd were dozens of Joe Schiavoni and Dennis Kucinich supporters who held signs and made noise when Cordray’s name was entered in nomination. Both campaigns fought to oppose the nomination.

Here’s the letter distributed to party leadership by the Schiavoni campaign:

Kucinich, along with his running mate, Tara Samples, gave a speech to the assembled crowd emphasizing his focus on core progressive issues and strong polling.

New poll showing the race tied has become a Kucinich talking point.

But the left-leaning Yes We Can Columbus coalition of progressive democrats, released the following:

It’s important to note that even with endorsements rolling in from labor unions, some county parties and elected officials, the state party has remained decidedly neutral in the race for Governor, and plans to hold its fifth debate on April 10, the first day of early voting.

Even after results are in on May 9, we still may not know which approach to endorsements was the right one, but feelings are strong.