It seems like a week doesn’t go by without one of Ohio’s elected officials behaving monstrously, and this one is no different.

First, there’s GOP State Representative Rick Perales. A Beavercreek woman–who he tried to kiss and choke in his Jeep (she says)/was his sexting partner (he says)–is challenging him in the GOP primary and is calling on him to drop out or she’ll release the texts. It’s a complete disaster for the GOP.

And then there’s old favorite State Rep Candice Keller, who mocked survivors of the Parkland school shooting and later posted doctored photos of Parkland survivor Emma Gonzales.

Those stories have been well documented, but here’s a new one.

From a concerned citizen in Hamiltion County comes this:

Anderson Township Trustee, Andrew Pappas, is mocking Parkland students and promoting crazy conspiracy theories- even after being given evidence that the conspiracies are false. It’s all available for the public to view on his personal Facebook page (Andrew S Pappas) But before you jump in to engage with him on his feed, be aware that he harasses those who disagree with him and allows others to openly heckle and intimidate-so comment at your own risk

Here are some screen shots from Pappas’ Facebook page (the Tuesday post has been subsequenty removed but is hardly out of character for Pappas) showing him spreading a popular conspiracy theory that shooting survivor David Hogg wasn’t actually at school during the shooting (there is a video in which Hogg speaks of going home hours after the shooting to get his camera and returning to get more footage). Andrew resists all attempts to debunk his misinformation:

And here he is calling Hogg and “opportunist”

Here, another constituent offers a fact check from the conservative news publication, Red State, to no avail:

Good try Evan.

It just goes on from there. Pappas’s feed is full of conspiracy theories and but he also seems to be obsessed with David Hogg:

Tide pods!

That is an elected official making fun of children who survived a school shooting and generalizing that all teens everywhere are apparently consuming laundry detergent. It’s not a good look. (And anyway, Candice Keller said they eat Doritos, not Tide Pods. Get your story straight, guys.)

Why do today’s GOP elected officials think it’s appropriate to go after children on their public social media accounts or who are so lacking in judgment that they post debunked misinformation? Pappas may also have an Andy Brenner problem. Our source for this story doesn’t want to be identified, but tells us that Pappas has gone after critics in the past, in one case resulting in a woman receiving threatens and having her place of work made public. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

If a crazy elected official is posting trash or harassing constituents where you live, let us know!

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