Some weekend, huh?

Hundreds of thousands of mostly young protesters demanding action on tighter gun controls; Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump’s former anonymous witch-in-the-hunt telling Anderson Cooper about her sexual encounters with the Big Guy; feathery responses from the NRA defenders while Trump settled on golf with historic comings and goings on his political team.  Is this the “fine-tuned machine” that he once called his administration?

The naysayers of the historic student outpouring were clearly troubled to find the right words to satisfy their base from the worldwide uprising.  Rick Santorum, who is always around for unintended comic relief, said the kids’ time would be better spent learning CPR, as though it would help reassemble a body splattered with assault rifles. Sen. Marco Rubio (FL), who may have been chosen for his job from a pet store, reminded us that there were many Americans who do not support a gun ban that would be an “infringement on the Second Amendment.” Finally, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, as well as others, argued that Hollywood elites and gun-hating billionaires were leading the charge against socialist duped young people

Variations of these were sounded on state TV, a.k.a Fox News, who took little comfort in watching their incoherent concept of political courage disrupted by mindless unmanageable brats.

Well, these events choreographed classroom civics lessons and gave all of us adults greater hope that there is a profound movement now underway to dislodge the cowardly Capitol Hill zombies from their purchased ways. (For his misspoken concerns, Rubio has received $3 million from the NRA.)

It is encouraging to know that many of the students will soon be of voting age.