How can any of us sleep soundly at night knowing that the deranged Godfather who could change the face of the entire planet by pressing a button is desperately wading in the swamp of friendly dictators, porn stars, riflemen and newly appointed demonic war hawks without accountability?

In a matter of 24 hours, Donald Trump thrust upon us the savage militarist John Bolton, our hostile UN ambassador who has famously talked of bombing Iran and North Korea, as his top security advisor to replace  Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster. He also appointed Fox News contributor Joseph diGenova, who blames the FBI and Department of Justice for trying to frame Trump, to the White House legal team. So much for his ex-veteran advisor John Dowd.

Last week, he added Mike Pompeo, a former congressman with Tea Party honors, as Secretary of State, to replace Rex Tillerson. Trump was clearly pleased that his newest team will nicely complement his cabinet of misfits, nodders and ambulance chasers.

Never at loss for polite words to demonstrate his progress, Trump declared: “Now I’m f—ing doing it my way.”

Thuggish and thoughtless in his brutal gangland role, he even boasted that one-on-one he could physically take down ex-Vice President Joe Biden, whom he described as mentally and physically weak!

All the while Trump exposed the hypocrisy of those Republican politicians and evangelicals, who cautiously backed away from his hijacking of democracy.

The best that the Capitol Hill mice could muster in the wake of  Trump’s rampage is “disappointing.” Oh? Not much courage on that side of the aisle these days with the boss fouling the GOP nest doing it his way.

As for the evangelicals, their playbook is sealed by their so-called leaders who find ways to back off the biblical hook by saying that, after all, he did keep the U.S. Supreme Court away from the Democrats.

Hardly a marriage made in Heaven.

(P.S. Special request of anybody who is proficient in nonverbal communication. What do you make of Vice President Pence’s nod and faint smile as Trump rants?)