I see, with no small amount of alarm, that Ohio will be invaded this week by Donald Trump’s first team of minor Amerigarchs with a series of gold-plated fundraisers in Fostoria, Sidney, Troy and West Chester. Seems only fair that the rich donors who got such an uplifting tax break can show their appreciation with hefty contributions in at least four figures in small-town Ohio, right?

The guests of honor, courtesy of Ohio GOP chairwoman and Trump favorite Jane Timken, as the invitation reads, “fiery” Corey Lewandowski, and “consummate political pro” David Bossie. These two are authors of the book “Let  Trump Be Trump,” a title that’s a knockoff of “Let Trump Be Caligula.”

Lewandowski was “amicably” fired as Trump’s campaign chairman after allegedly groping a woman and rumored to be part of a triangle involving Hope Hicks and Rob Porter.  Meantime, Essie built his reputation with a long-term effort to demean Hillary Clinton. (Hope I haven’t given  away the book’s ending!)