From the daily archives: Saturday, March 3, 2018

It’s impossible to imagine what Donald Trump will do or say next. At least every other day he makes most Americans wish he would remember why God gave him two ears and a mouth.  People wonder where America is headed, but things will turn out fine. The roller coaster ride will be over sooner than we think.

Trump is far more foam than beer. His only important achievement so far is a tax cut that benefits too many people who don’t need it and leaves average Americans with a very small slice of the pie. Trump has not (as promised) withdrawn from […]

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State Rep. Keith Faber ’s visit to Akron last week previewed a likely matrix for Republican candidates running for state office this year in the party now managed by President Trump.  In his speech before a relatively small audience of 40 or so at the Tangier,  Faber cast his campaign game plan for state auditor in familiar conservative standbys.  He wants to cut taxes,  create more transparency and efficiency in government, eliminate waste, and support a strong state economy.  Who could argue?

In a moment when the nation is shattered by another school shooting,  Faber, a Celina lawyer and former […]

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