The chronicles of America’s nightmare:

In a blink, President Trump managed to (1) trash a cancer-stricken Republican senator, (2) blame Barack Obama for all of the country’s systemic problems, (3) boast of his own courage if he had been outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the massacre, (4) praise the NRA for wanting to do what’s right, and (5) strategically insert the success of the washing machine business in the heart of his vacant blusters about gun control.

It’s possible that no other human being could get away with his hopscotching fable to make America great again.

His dreadful attack on John McCain without even mentioning the Arizonan by name was a zero on a scale that would only show up in Dante’s rings of Hell; his frequent gusts remain a yearning for another campaign in which he would, Putin willing, win the popular vote that eluded him the last time.

His goofy utterance that even without a weapon he would  have heroically run into the school while the kids were being slaughtered — this from a guy who managed five military deferments because of mysterious bone spurs in a foot that he couldn’t remember. This is from a guy who hates the sight of blood and walked away from an elderly bleeding guest who had fallen on the beautiful hard floor at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

And what about his detoured chest-puffing reference to washing machines in what was to have been a serious speech to governors about guns?    God help us survive this madman.

Yet although a wide majority of Americans are expressing their disapproval of Trump to pollsters, they are reluctant to openly speak out against him, preferring to serve by also standing and waiting — for what? The time is here and now to let his sycophantic gang of candidates know that you’re mad as hell and will do everything within your power to defeat them in November.

Curiously, the only group willing to force the so-called adults from their sacred space in Congress are the protesting young people who are showing so much courage in their shock and grief. We can all learn from them to save our democracy. The alternative is the idiotic advice from Laura Ingraham to LeBron James: “Shut up and dribble.”