With so much happening in the Mueller Russia investigation, you may have overlooked the epic challenge by Fox News hostess Laura Ingraham to basketball superstar LeBron James. It was another vulgar misstep into the real world by the Foxies.

Without any sense of the iconic status of an NBA player of all-time, Ingraham was affronted by LeBron’s less than adulatory comments during a TV interview.  It has been no secret that LeBron is not on the Trump team and recently called him a “bum.”

His latest criticism occurred during an interview at the NBA all-star game intermission which Ingraham thought was mighty unkind for a person who is paid “$100 million a year to bounce a ball.” (Ha.Ha. Try it sometime, Laura.)

She advised the star to “Keep the political comments to yourselves… Shut up and dribble.”

Yes, the same LeBron James, ball bouncer and philanthropist who has contributed millions to kids and was named the MVP in a game that featured the NBA’s finest.

He not only dribbled but made the winning shot for his team.

Oh, Ingraham also criticized LeBron’s grammar, which doesn’t impact his contract but may be a sensitive issue with her audience.