You are officially out of excuses to remain apolitical. Welcome to the world of those who care! We are so happy to have you join us.

You may not have realized, but all those years of “I am too busy to commit my time,” and, “I just do not know enough,” have come to an end. Let me show you how it works!

“I am just too bu–” Kids are being murdered at school.

“I don’t know en–” Kids are being murdered at school.


See how easy that was? With children dying in classrooms, all of your reasons for remaining unengaged fade to worthless oblivion. Here is another example:

“I just don’t care about politics”

“Kids are being murdered at school. It is time to start caring.”

You may be wondering where to begin, and you are not alone in doing so. With many politicians deep in the pocket of the NRA it can be difficult to envision a path to change. Here are two pathways that will need to be taken:

  1. You must put pressure on our current representatives through powerful acts of civil disobedience. Strikes. Walk-outs. Marches. The actions that began with the Women’s March last year must continue to evolve and spread.These actions may make you uncomfortable. They may challenge you. They may require that you miss a class or a meeting. Go anyway.
  2. You must vote in November. And not just you, but your friends who are angry and do not know how to channel their anger. Register them. Register their friends. Follow the links at the bottom of this article if you are unsure where to go.

Politics saves lives and politics takes lives. Maybe you’ve always known this but been engaged in other things. Or maybe you are just realizing the ways in which policymakers impact you, your family, and your community.

No matter what your situation, at least now you have realized: It is time to make the time. It is time to be educated. It is time to get political.

We know that politics can be scary, but there are people and resources here to support you. Between preparing for the November midterm elections and organizing acts of civil disobedience, there is no shortage of opportunity.

Let me just say: you are so welcome. Let’s get you started!

Zach Reizes is a student and activist from Athens, Ohio. He enjoys rock climbing, making coffee for other people, and voter registration. In his spare time, Zach is a Global Studies: War and Peace junior set to graduate spring of 2019.