Here we go.  It’s a midterm election year.  The word has been in a lot  of the papers. Donald Trump is already making the rounds with his customary Lie-a-Thon.

Ohio, which is seldom a progressive state, is the pick of the litter. The hay wagons that convey so many state senators and representatives to Columbus have been loaded. The only change is that the Ohio Republican Party has been reinvented as the Ohio Trump Party, from the new State Chairwoman, Jane Timken, who owes her job to Trump, to several servile statewide candidates, including Rep. Jim Renacci, who is running for the U.S. Senate, and Frank LaRose, aiming for secretary of state at least 40 hours a day.

In our own backyard, the former Summit County Republican Party of Ray Bliss will feature Trump’s leading enabler at its Lincoln (!) Day dinner at Quaker Square on Feb. 24. That’s right — California right-wing Rep. Kevin McCarthy. You see him often trailing just behind Trump with a huge smile on TV, as if to say, “Look, people,I’m on the best possible terms with my friend Donald Trump. Who knew?”

Salon Magazine and other media have reported that to cement their relationship, McCarthy gave the President a jar of pink and red Starburst candy — a Trump favorite in that color — that would be a perfect fit for Trump’s dozen or so Diet Cokes each day in  their sandbox. He also has taken credit for creating the hokey Benghazi committee that falsely nagged Hillary Clinton during the past campaign.

Who arranged the invitation? Guess.

The old GOP used-to-be’s will all be there, hoping that they will be seen, heard and commended for their generosity to help, as they can,     their billionaire blowhard,  sexual predator and maniac who is methodically ripping apart the democratic union that Lincoln so admirably sought to protect.

As one who has  attended countless Lincoln Day dinners, I would be ashamed to be seen in McCarthy’s presence today. And it’s only February.