Did you enjoy your fun-filled government shutdown that cost Donald Trump a weekend on his golf course and royal sit-down dinner with friends? He was back in his Washington office sporting his white cap while he presidentially called people. Hard at work, his staffers told us, as Trump Americana was being rejected around the world.

Veep Mike Pence, a white force field at the rostrum, was greeted by a stone-cold audience led by Jordan and Palestine, which were stunned by  Trump’s decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

Back to the Oval Office. The Rev. Franklin Graham, annual $622,000 varsity player in the ranks of prosperity gospel evangelicals, blessed the president with the highest Christian testimony and seemed unimpressed that he was accused multiple times of messing around with women aside from his wife.

As Graham advised us, America is a sinful country, and Trump is not a “perfect president.”  Just an unproven news story, Graham declared on TV.

May that resonate through Bible land!

I will say, however, that I thought his alleged porn star playmate Stormy Daniels should have held out for more than a skimpy $130,000 payoff in hush money considering the tens of millions that Bill O’Reilly unloaded on his girl friends. But who am I to judge?

Contrast that to the soaring marks that evangelical leaders had given Trump for his first year in the Oval Office. Over on the Christian Broadcasting Network, news host David Brody unabashedly gave the perfect president an A+ for his imperfect behavior.

Among the reasons for Trump’s high marks — not exactly Boy Scoutish — were his prayer meetings in his office with evangelicals,  returning “Merry Christmas” to our lips,  his vigorous pro-life support, Bible study for his cabinet, the appointment of a true conservative to the Supreme Court.

Is Playboy Donald Trump doing penance? The same Donald Trump, I mean, who wouldn’t mind deporting more than 700,000 so-called Dreamers and breaking up families?

But you must understand, for the guy in the White House, human beings are nothing more than abstractions, so why tear yourself up about them?

America, we have a theocratic problem.

(To be continued.)