I struggle not to laugh. I tell myself that the condition is too serious to laugh. That the soul of democracy is at stake. That people should not be exposed by the minute to a clownish hulk in the Oval Office who by actual count by fact checkers has already told 2,000 lies in his first year but responds that America’s libel laws are a shameful “disgrace” because his critics get away with so much..

I struggle not to laugh at the incoherence of an American president. But I then find myself laughing when he responds to a question by repeating “Nocollusionnocollusionnocollusion.”

He’s talking about the Russia investigation, of course, as if he’s trying to escape from being waterboarded. Semiliterate, dishonest, panicky, insecure – already the worst president in history, to use his extreme measure of historically defining his self-assessed accomplishments. Hee hee hee.

Meanwhile, his loyal gang of apparatchiks are getting nervous . They should be. Except for, say, Sen. Lindsey Graham. There was a moment of my weakness that I thought he could sound mellifluously reasonable about a few things. Now as a meek Trump apologist he is nothing more than a boring space -filler from South Carolina.

So I will continue to laugh at him, too.