Is it a stretch to suggest that President Trump is now preparing America for new rounds of ethnic cleansing?
The record clearly tells us that it is not a stretch. Particularly after his crude unhinged outburst in a bipartisan White House meeting on immigration.

He questioned immigration from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “shithole” countries and called for more welcoming immigration policy for countries like Norway. Oh, racial as well as ethnic, white vs. color.

He is seriously threatening the expulsion of 200,000 Salvadorans who have no legal standing even though they’ve been here for 15 years.

He is holding 700,000 Dreamers hostage for deportation if the Democrats don’t protect his playpen with a wall.

He has upended any further discourse with Mexico over NAFTA (Reagan’s founder and supported by all succeeding presidents before the dynastic white guy hit town a year ago.

Even Donald Jr., his generational successor, had sniffy fun with Greek migrants by describing them as Skittles.

But shithole? From the mouth of an American president? Another sinkhole for typically polite Republican society? The dynasty has shown little patience with immigrants (Full disclosure: They would include my grandparents on both sides from the Beirut area in early 20th Century).

Will the Inuits of Alaska be next on his brutal America First hit list? Will we have outlived our badge of honor as a nation of immigrants?

Check the footnotes of this narrative and you will see that Puerto Rican Americans – Americans! – have already paid a heavy price thanks to a largely disinterested president.

Will there be fewer shortstops with names like Omar Vizquel?

Just asking.

As the inspired ethnic cleansing gains momentum these are questions you and I must be asking.

And no, it’s not a stretch. Not with an orangish white guy at the helm.

And by the way, the portrait of Andrew Jackson on the wall behind his camera appearances is a dead giveaway of the kind of government he admires. (The prominent view of Jackson peering over Trump’s head was his idea.)

President Andrew Jackson, remembered for his bloody Indian Removal action – Cherokees forced to march from Georgia to Oklahoma on the merciless “Trail of Tears” . But let’s not give Trump more ideas.