Well, we got an early glance of Donald Trump’s preferred choice as the candidate for the U.S. Senate in Ohio this year. It’s Rep. Jim Renacci, the former Republican mayor of Wadsworth who would be the first to tell you on the campaign trail that he is a successful businessman. (A millionaire, and then some.)

Alas, the timing of the coming-out announcement by Renacci – one of Trump’s earliest and most conservative surrogates, to challenge incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown – couldn’t have been worse. It managed to find its way tucked into the global reports of how the president’s scandalous “shithole” elitism had met with outrage across the planet. and further eroded America’s brand, except for maybe the back-country of Renacci’s exclusively drawn congressional district.

TV networks, apparently desperate to find somebody of official political consequence to defend Trump, dredged up Renacci on several news shows because he could explain why Haiti, El Salvador and Africa were …um…ya-know. After all, he said breezily of the uproar, Trump merely said what most people already believe. Obviously, a racist vote of confidence.

But Renacci, who had been running for governor, simply couldn’t resist the blandishments of Trump to add another senator with his agenda to congress .

Agenda? Renacci has long called for tax cuts, fewer regulations, abolition of gun control, a damper on Planned Parenthood – a true, as he put it, Christian. In a show of his white guy-ness , he rode his motorcycle when he announced his bid for governor. That immediately won him an endorsement from the bikers’ organizations. Uh, Bikers for Trump (He and Trump diverge on another choice of wheels; Renacci is said to have extensive business interests in motorcycles. The president rides golf carts.)

Here’s how Renacci introduced himself as a Trump cognate:

“One of the things I’ve been told is that I have the full support of the president and the vice president. When they’re here, I’ll be with them. They will be here multiple times between now and November pushing their message and I guarantee – I’ve been guaranteed I should say – I will be with them and they will be with me”.

In his Plain Dealer interview, Renacci indicated that money would be no problem for his campaign. “As you know, I’ve always said there will always be enough money and there’s always Jim Renacci.”




Here’s the video in case you missed it:


  • tom2

    Back country? Called for tax cuts, fewer regulations, abolition of gun control, a damper on Planned Parenthood? Not the Republicans to which we’ve grown accustomed. Conservative? Sounds like my kinda’ senator.

  • JLM452

    That’s right, Jimbo, jump with both feet onto the Big Orange Sh*thole Train barrelling across the country. It’ll be great. Terrific. Believe me. That I can tell you.

  • Alan Bachers

    At least we know his positions going in – nothing new from this gerrymandered kleptocrat with a 92% white district, who will continue to reveal his Trumpian agenda for Ohio’s dwindling workers with jobs often not worth showing up for in terms of economic survival. Soon Medicaid will require disabled and crushed people to work at jobs no one else will. It is the way Renacci has made his millions. With people like him in charge, its no wonder people choose opiates to numb the pain of the prospect of an unsurvivable present, to say nothing of the futures Renacci is orchestrating.

  • truthsought

    One of the most disgusting people I have ever come across. Sherrod Brown is licking his chops.

  • Retired Mercer

    Just what the country and congress doesn’t need, another enabler to Trump’s country dividing presidency.

  • buckeyewill_cle

    Still gotta show up at the polls and VOTE.

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