Democratic Candidate for Ohio Attorney General Steve Dettelbach issued the following statement after news that the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow could shut its doors as soon as next week:

“The damage done by ECOT and the career politicians who enabled its scam keeps piling up. Taxpayers are out tens of millions of dollars — or more — that was meant for Ohio kids. Now there are now potentially thousands of students and families who might not have a school next week. We cannot allow ECOT and its owners — and the politicians who enabled it — to simply slip away with all that money and no accountability for what they did.

In the weeks and months ahead, there will be time to put the politicians’ role in this travesty under the spotlight. But in the short-term, the state must take action to help ECOT’s current students and ensure taxpayers are repaid the money they are owed, including bringing actions to collect from the individuals and for-profit companies behind the school. The Attorney General must make sure that any and all documents and accounts necessary to collect this money are preserved and if possible frozen, especially should ECOT close.

In addition, action should be taken to protect the rights of any families that were damaged by ECOT’s wrongful conduct or now find themselves scrambling for a new school. On this front, any politician still in office who took money from ECOT should return those donations immediately. A mechanism should be set up to get that money back to where it came from, the state education system, and dedicated to helping the families and students who now face an uncertain transition thanks to the politicians’ lack of leadership.”