Findlay Courier: “Estruth Said the DeWine/Husted Ticket Can’t Win the November General Election”

The Republican primary for Ohio governor continues to be a nasty race to the right, as Mary Taylor and her running mate, Nathan Estruth, slammed Mike DeWine for refusing to debate and predicted the DeWine-Husted ticket “can’t win the November general election.”

“The first day of Mary Taylor running head-to-head with Mike DeWine in the Ohio Republican primary for governor is just the latest example of how this race is shaping up as a desperate race to the extreme right,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “The GOP campaigns traded nasty barbs, with Taylor’s running mate saying DeWine ‘failed miserably’ in getting trounced in 2006 and DeWine’s campaign saying it’s ‘sad’ to see Taylor ‘flame out this way.’

Pepper said the Republicans keep attacking one another in the press, but DeWine has ducked debating his opponents in an open forum.

“Ohioans deserve to know — DeWine and Taylor ultimately share the same extreme agenda that would hurt workers and put Ohio’s economic future at risk,” he said.