How else can I react to the torrent of campaign fliers from state Sen. Frank LaRose, the Hudson Republican who has his career clock set on being Ohio’s next secretary of state?

Although the election is still a year away, it seems that the 38-year-old conservative with strong leanings to  President Trump has been on the stump ever since the days of William McKinley. (Actually, at least since he was elected to the legislature in 2010.) The press releases go on forever about the intensity of his candidacy.

I got my first hint to his behavior in the legislature at a dinner with several political scientists seated at his table.  Frank left us with the notion that he would oppose Senate Bill 5, the restrictive collective bargaining measure and the hottest issue of the day.

But when he got to Columbus, he “agonizingly” voted for the bill that was trounced by the voters. Since then, he’s been carefully planning his next role in government as a blazing opponent of the ghosts of  voter fraud.

Indeed, he was an early supporter of Trump’s clownish voter fraud commission, rigged with a co-chairman: Kansas Secretary of State  Kris Kobach, reputedly the nation’s leading vote suppressor, villainous service that led to his appointment by Trump. You’ll recall Trump’s idiotic claim that he lost the popular vote because of three- to- five million illegal voters and a vow to make sure it would never happen again.

But LaRose went for the bait and soon after the commission was named, he, too, declared war on voter fraud, particularly the nonexistent kind. He declared  that one fraudulent vote was one fraudulent vote too many. Ah, but his sojourns around the state – all 88 counties and personal meetings with 88 Republican chairmen already – may need some retooling.

The commission has flopped. Further  meetings have been postponed, at least until after the new year under a barrage of infighting, lawsuits and general resistance by aggrieved secretaries of state.

Some reports say that for all practical purposes, the commission was no more than a badly conceived show piece of Trump. And he probably couldn’t care less.

This comes in amid the earlier plaudits by LaRose sugarcoating the commission.

“I applaud President Trump,”’ he asserted, ”for his leadership establishing a commission on election integrity.  While serving in the legislature. I have worked to combat voter fraud while improving convenience and access all of Ohio’s voters.”

I would be happy enough if our voting place hadn’t changed several times in the past couple of years.

Senator,  better find a heftier issue.