It’s finally happened, folks. The insane pass that Donald Trump gets from the right on things that would send other politicians out to pasture is now being extended to others.

Sixteen women have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment and assault. Their stories are well-reported and corroborated. But in the fallout from Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Brett Rattner, and so many others, the allegations from these 16 women against Trump have registered barely a blip.

And now, in Alabama, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate who’s made a name for himself calling for gay people to be thrown in prison is now also skating away from accountability on the right despite well-reported, thoroughly researched accusations of a long-standing pattern of pedophilia.

The propaganda model of Fox News and Breitbart has so poisoned the minds of reactionaries against Democrats that they’d rather vote for a child molester.

Even hardened criminal prisoners hate child molesters, but a JMC Analytics poll last week showed that 37 percent of Alabama evangelicals are now more likely to vote for accused pedophile Roy Moore after these allegations against him surfaced. More likely. That’s how toxic the fumes in the reactionary bubble have become.

We have been on this path for decades, but now, under Trump, we have officially crossed the metaphorical Rubicon in the debasement of our national political conversation. As Caesar said when he crossed the literal Rubicon with his legions, the die is cast.

Donald Trump famously said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose support. Now we have a Republican U.S. Senate candidate – who was already a political extremist by any objective standard – boasting a history of child molestation with dozens of reported sources, and not only does this revelation not cost him support, it emboldens his supporters.

This is an extraordinarily bizarre and shameful moment in time for this country we love. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this awful man Moore, Steve Bannon’s guy, is to be elected to the U.S. Senate on Dec. 12, and on Fox News and Breitbart he would be cheered.

This is where we’ve gotten under Donald Trump and his brand, which stands for everything loathsome in human character: Venality, cupidity, stupidity, bigotry, vanity, selfishness, divisiveness. He has a total lack of understanding or regard for the constitution, history, diplomacy, democracy, basic decency, any sense of manners or decorum.

He’s the most purely solipsistic human I’ve ever seen and pathetically unable to show genuine empathy for other people.

His programme is composed of reactionary ideas that would roll back women’s rights, civil rights, worker’s’ rights, consumer rights, and human rights.

He’s an egomaniacal misogynist sexual predator who evinces authoritarian and tyrannical impulses. He heaps praise on international despots, dictators, and murderers. He flirts in social media temper tantrums with humanity’s most dangerous weapons ever created.

He has no concept of our Enlightenment inheritance or the significance of the American experiment. He habitually undermines the foundations of Western Civilization, cutting to the bone society’s collective trust in science, empirical fact, and basic logic.

His ego-fueled vindictiveness is only matched by his utter incompetence. Donald Trump is a vampire on the lifeblood of the Republic and in the right’s defense of the accused pedophile Roy Moore we can see the color draining from the face of decency.

Donald Trump never only degrades himself with his behavior; he contaminates everything and everyone around him. Perched in the highest seat of American Republican politics, he’s corrupted any sense of dignity beyond all features of recognition.