In the final days of his grandly scaled Asian tour, Donald Trump raised America’s stakes in the high level meetings by turning the talk to “insults.” The President, who is sensitive to any mention of his personal imperfection, was clearly offended by North Korea’s 33-year-old supreme leader Kim Jong-un, who referred to our chief of state as “old.”

Trump said that was insulting by a nuclear enemy whom we have to come to know simply as “Rocket Man.” Ha. Ha.

After all, Trump retorted, “I didn’t call him short and fat.”

That much, we must concede, was the model of diplomatic restraint by the President, who still calls his rival in the presidential race “Crooked Hillary.”

Oh, he even defended Vladimir Putin’s sense of prideful hurt by the Russia investigation, saying Putin was “insulted” that we would raise such questions of Russian hacking of the election. Problem solved.

Trump’s latest posture on insult and worse may make people forget that he even hysterically referred to a professional football player as a “son of a bitch” and a couple of former high-level intelligence officials as “political hacks.”

We eagerly await his return to learn more fully about his fears that Roy Moore has been insulted along the way.