OK. Bear with me. I’m euphoric. It’s not a feeling that I’ve enjoyed ever since that man pranced into the Oval Office nearly a year ago. It may not last. But then, it may.

While Donald Trump was addressing a polite audience of South Korea’s National Assembly, gushing praise for that  country’s golf team at his prized course in New Jersey, and finishing with bombastic threats against neighboring  North Korea, a funny funny thing was happening back home: A Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, a wannabe with Trump’s best wishes, was being crushed in a landslide.

The election was billed as a test of Trump’s deadly control on the voters and a Democratic loss would be disastrous for that party (as if it needed more setbacks!).

But the story of the day, it turned out, was that the Democrats were alive and well in Virginia with a greater voter turnout that was inspired by Trump’s rudimentary oafishness.

It left Trump shopping for someone to blame and to no one’s surprise he cited the loser, Ed Gillespie, for not “embracing” the sacred Trump playbook.

For Ohioans, whose home state became an overnight Trump province, it’s safe to assume that the 2018  GOP candidates spent more than a moment or two pondering their enthusiastic support of their leader when he took charge.

As more disgrace overtakes him, will his surrogates  find a clever way to abandon him?

Among his more conspicuous Republican cheerleaders are state Sen. Frank La Rose, running for secretary of state to seal the voter suppression moves of his predecessor, insisting that one case of voter fraud is one case too many.

And how about Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a senatorial candidate who pledged a year ago that he would “drain the swamp.” How original. And, of course, Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, campaigning for governor, who has yet to disagree with Trump on the slightest matter. All of these guys plus the others who have given Trump their seal of approval will find him to be quite a distraction.

I gloat; roll out the hay wagons.