If Ohio’s term-limited, lame-duck governor continues his improbable dream of rallying Republicans to his side to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican presidential primary, the sanctimonious conservative who claimed only one Electoral College vote last year might want to reevaluate that ambition, if polling results on a hypothetical matchup between the two conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) are even halfway accurate.

Beating the New York billionaire whose national magic trick last year was to be elected president will require outbound Ohio Gov. John Kasich to perform his own national miracle. PPP notes in its latest survey, that while Trump’s position with Republicans has softened some from a month ago, the Big Orange Machine leads a generic Republican for the nomination next time by 21 points at 57/36, a dip from 34 points two months ago.

In the afterglow of yesterdays big wins by Democrats in Virginia, New Jersey and Washington state, among other states, PPP offers some heartening news on Democrats’ chances going forward should Trump still be president in 2020.

PPP: Trump trails Joe Biden by 18 at 56/38, Bernie Sanders by 15 at 53/38, Cory Booker by 11 at 49/38, Elizabeth Warren by 10 at 50/40, Kirsten Gillibrand by 10 at 48/38, Kamala Harris by 6 at 45/39, and Frederica Wilson by 3 at 42/39. While the support level for the possible Democrats fluctuates likely based on name recognition Trump polls consistently in the 38-40% range no matter who he’s pitted against.

Trump Re Beats Kasich

Kasich won’t be Ohio’s governor much longer with his replacement arriving in about 13 months, when term limits send him out to pasture. The former Lehman Brothers banker and Fox News political talk show host is angling for his next gig that can keep his image-ego balloon aloft long enough to appear viable. Like so many others who lose their mojo after they disappear from the public eye as an officeholder, he’ll be whistling past the graveyard soon enough. When matched up, PPP reports that Kasich trails Trump by 42 points, 66-24.

After Kasich’s many out-of-state appearances on national TV shows this year to shill his latest book that argues Americans need to come together to solve the country’s problems, he’s being taken as seriously now as he was last year, which is to say, hardly at all. Or if so, as the punch line to a joke. If Kasich continues berating members of his own Republican Party, now the party that Trump built, he’ll find himself a hard-right politician without a party. Calling himself a conservative, but talking like a Democrat when it’s politically convenient to do so, will only endear him as a persona non grata by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Ohio’s 69th governor had his golden opportunity last year to seize the day by leading an independent third-party challenge to Trump that so many Republicans and independents were calling for. But he chickened out, saying it wasn’t the right time. He knew his chances to be the next conservative Pied Piper and prophet was barely above zero. Not the right time? Are you kidding me? Kasich is at his best when the deck is stacked in his favor, which he could do in-state, but that wasn’t possible for him last year on a national stage. History turns everyone’s page sooner or later, and JRK won’t be an exception to this rule.

Meanwhile, based on hostile comments posted to this Cleveland.com article where he is called a “cry baby,” a “whiny little b/I.tch ” and “a  pariah,” among other unflattering names, his ship has sailed with Ohioans who may once have been in his corner, but no more. Kasich also misreads the results of Tuesday’s elections. He says Republicans and Democrats have “lost their way.” He is certainly right on that point regarding GOP candidates, but he’s purposely wrong about Democrats, who in addition to be anti-Trump for many excellent reasons have an united agenda that favors positive healthcare for all, currently via Obamacare, and improved wages and benefits from tax treatments that don’t increase economic inequality by giving unneeded hand outs to the wealthiest, something Kasich has done again and again.

Trump Slightly Less Scary Than The Devil

PPP found other interesting tidbits, including that 49 percent of voters support impeaching the misogynist and serial liar, compared to 41 percent who oppose impeaching proceedings. Fifty-two percent think he’s a liar, 60 of voters want him to release his tax returns with the same percentage thinking he’s flopped on “Making America Great Again.” It’s all history now, but by a 54/40 margin voters want Barack Obama back in the White House and by a 48/42 spread voters dream of Hillary Clinton as president instead of Trump.

When the media is brought into the conversation, voters trust each of the 6 media outlets Trump has attacked the most by 15-18 points more than Trump when pitted against each other. And just for giggles, PPP matched Trump against Halloween favorites like Ghosts, Vampires, Mummies, Witches, Zombies, Werewolves and the Devil. Trump was scarier than all of them except the Devil.

But Trump has yet to complete his first year on the job, so that number could change, too.