With Team Trump shaken by the indictments of three campaign apparatchiks in the Russian investigation, the besieged president did what comes naturally for him: He packed the room with white-guy reinforcements to change the subject, promising that tax cuts for the middle class were on the way.

Defiant words from the lips of a guy who quite likely never met a middle class American. Didn’t have to in his plush universe that seeded his career with a $1 million gift from his father.

George Papadopoulos, who already pleaded guilty a couple of weeks ago to lying to the Feds? The fellow who sat at Trump’s table during a campaign meeting? Few knew him, Trump insisted, although the president knew him well enough to bless him as  an “excellent guy.”

Ah, but now Trump is calling him a liar. A mere “coffee boy.”

He also passed off two other indictees – Paul Manafort and business buddy Rick Gates – as pre-Trump history, hoping we would not remember that Manafort was his campaign manager for awhile. How small an issue when tax cuts for the middle class will be the “greatest” in history.

Some will say that the plan was tailored for the rich, but Trump says the cuts will only benefit the middle class. He also predicted that trillions and trillions of dollars will return to America because of his plan.

Much of this bears the mark of a Hail Mary when life at the White House is going so badly and will doubtless get worse even though Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at her news briefing that her side expected the Russia probe to “wrap up” soon and accused the mainstream media of being “obsessed” by it.

Sarah… Sarah! Lying is one thing. But choose a defense that isn’t so transparent.

I spent enough time at the far end of the Steel Pier in Atlantic City to remember that the sound of a huge crashing wave never changes.