Midweek wash for a “rising star.”

Is there a more futile exercise in a democracy than the daily White House press briefing featuring
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Arkansas preacher’s daughter fielding the questions as the official voice of the Oval Office? She often doesn’t know the answer, gives a brief clipped response, and robotically points to another reporter.

We know from years of experience that press briefings exist to resolve all doubts about the boss’ commitment to civilized governing. But Huckabee, whom we would presume is a true-to-the-truth conservative Christian press secretary, would make some effort to avoid being contradicted by video clips. Her defense of Gen. John Kelly, Donald Trump’s alleged rehab expert to contain him in a cage, was simply too much. No one, she said, should question the actions of a retired general. Fake news, said the woman who inspired the term.

And, if you are ready for this, she predicted American voters will be “begging” Donald Trump to run for reelection because his first term was so successful More than one media source has already described her as a “rising star “ at 35. It doesn’t take that much streaming of fake news to get that way these days.

By the way, Sarah’s father Mike, the former governor of Arkansas, now has his own TV program. WOW. I thought he would be satisfied simply showing up as a media star on Fox News. Never enough prayerful politicking to go around.

* * * * *

We don’t know whether Ohio U.S. Sen. Rob Portman attended the love-in of Trump and Republican senators that he tweeted was so gloriously able to cement their unity as a party. It appeared to be a bunch of grim family members sitting around for the reading of the will. Trump, however, did gloat that he received “multiple” standing ovations. (The greatest number in history?)

The luncheon did lead me to one of the oddest responses from a senator’s office in Columbus when I called to learn whether Portman had attended the event.

An aide at the other end conceded that he didn’t know but advised me to call other senators who might have been there to determine whether he had been in the group. He said what? Well, suffice it to say that I decided to let the matter drop at that point inasmuch as Portman, who is getting more media coverage these days as an empty suit, wouldn’t flat out say that he was part of that ovation.