The likely Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate from Ohio next year earns big bucks and endorsements from the wacko right and Trump-lovin neo-Nazi groups and people.

In stark contrast, Ohio’s two-term senior senator in Washington, Sherrod Brown, just won the endorsement of United Auto Workers Region 2B and its 150,000 active and retired Ohio members, who work hard for their daily bread and can tell the difference between radical rhetoric and real results.

“American workers are the engines of growth in our country, but their hard-earned wages don’t go as far as they used to,” said Rich Rankin, on the union’s website. “Sherrod Brown recognizes that we need to invest in our workers and restore the value of work in our country — which is why we’re proud to support his reelection to the U.S. Senate.”

Rankin said Brown earned their endorsement because of his leadership in helping save America’s auto industry, his principled stands against unfair trade deals that undermine Ohio’s manufacturing sector, and his advocacy for all workers.

“The UAW, Ohio and this nation are better off because of Sherrod’s service,” Rankin said.

Local 1112 President Glenn Johnson chimed in, saying, “UAW is proud to endorse Sherrod Brown’s reelection to the U.S. Senate. A few years ago, when our auto industry’s future was in doubt, it was Sherrod who stood with us. Together, we saved a sector that employs 848,000 Ohioans. We’ll never forget Sherrod’s loyalty, or the fact that his opponent would have turned his back on us.”

Now that Josh Mandel is running again, it’s important to remember that he called the auto rescue “un-American,” Johnson said.

“At a time when American manufacturing is under siege, we need a leader to look out for our working men and women. Sherrod Brown is that leader,” he said.

And the good news didn’t stop with Rankin and Johnson. Local 70 President Jerry Arnold said Brown is on the side of workers, which “is why the UAW is proud to have his back and endorse his reelection to the U.S. Senate.”

Brown was on the front lines with firefighters, police officers, and organized labor to successfully overturn when so-called ‘right-to-work’ laws and other unfair trade deals stacked the deck against American workers.

“He championed the auto-rescue that helped save thousands of jobs and businesses that supply parts for the industry from Wall Street’s reckless behavior,” Arnold noted, adding that Brown “has always been, and continues to be committed to doing what’s best for Ohio, and we look forward to helping him win another well-deserved term in the Senate.”

Tim Meadors, Local 863 President, said Brown’s been with them, shoulder to shoulder, every step of the way.

“When the Great Recession threatened auto workers’ jobs and their families’ futures, Sherrod was in the trenches with us,” Meadors said. “Ohio’s auto industry has come a long way with the support and tireless work of Senator Brown. United Auto Workers of America proudly support Senator Sherrod Brown.”

Local 12 President Bruce Baumhower praised Brown for being a man of integrity, someone who is unafraid to call-out presidents of his own party when he thought their policies would hurt Ohio workers. Baumhower then zeroed in on Mandel, who tried and failed to unseat Brown in 2010, observing that Mandel “is no friend to Ohio’s working men and women. Time and time again, he’s sided with lobbyists and corporate interests over our families.”

Double Dog Dare

Brown won his second term six years ago against Mandel, who lost in convincing fashion even though more than $40 million was spent to defeat Brown, whose political resume includes numerous terms in the U.S. House representing his northern Ohio district and two terms as Ohio Secretary of State.

Mandel must first beat his GOP challenger next year, Cleveland business executive Mike Gibbons, before he can mount a second try to topple Brown. And even though Mandel thinks he has the support of the Trump-wing of the Ohio Republican Party, working men and women across Ohio already know that Mandel will have his crosshairs focused on them, all in the name of pitting corporations against people with tactics that include, but won’t be limited to, the usual lineup of GOP agenda items that include more income tax cuts and swipes at Obamacare.

The favorite, and the winner in this race, should be Brown. With a little help from his friends in 2018, Brown could be back in the majority conference again, as Republicans fail to retain the slim 2-seat majority conference advantage.

And why will Brown win next year? Just read what Mandel’s spokesman said about Brown, then reverse the rhetoric.

“Over his 24-year career in Washington, Brown has voted for tax increases, supported (former President Barack) Obama’s war on coal and spending sprees, all of which have destroyed Ohio jobs and hurt our families,” spokeswoman Erica Nurnberg said, the AP reported. 

Mandel’s political history shows he’s every inch a “career politician” as Brown. But Brown’s “radical left-wing views” are actually in-step with what workers everywhere want: Higher wages, better benefits, better retirement systems, better education, better quality of life.

Supporting arguably the smartest president whose moral compass was in tact and who had no record of assaulting women should not be an embarrassment, compared to Republicans, including Mandel, who support a polar opposite leader.

There is a war on coal, but Brown isn’t leading the charge, frackers tapping cheaper natural gas that electric generators like AEP switch to are the real warriors against coal. After decades of Republicans showing they are more concerned about corporate and business matters versus individual and family matters, shifting the payment burden from the rich to the poor, the judgement on who “has destroyed and hurt our families” is clear, present and obvious. And it’s not what Brown stands for, but what candidates like Mandel have done.

Simple. Commonsense.

Raising taxes on the rich, the one-percenters who should have been paying lots more but have been protected from performing that civic duty by ambitious politicians like Mandel, is also again in-step, the nation wants it.

It’s all explained, even for the hard of learning, here by entrepreneur, venture capitalist, civic activist, philanthropist and author, Nick Hanauer,  In another lecture on good economics, Hanauer spells it out in simple language even John Kasich, who still tweets about his $5-plus billion reduction of income taxes as if that’s to be admired, or Josh Mandel can understand.

Plunderbund dares any reputable and responsible media outlet in Ohio to endorse Josh Mandel over Sherrod Brown next year, should the term-limited state treasurer stave off Gibbons, and earn the party’s pleasure to take on Brown a second time.

Any thought process that leads a group of media, who purport to follow and understand politics and policy, to conclude that Josh Mandel would be a better senator to working for the best interests of average Ohioans than Sherrod Brown, would instantly qualify on the merits for best of class in creative editorial writing for 2018.

Look how wrong media across the state got it when it came to choosing between Rob Portman and Ted Strickland. Will they make the wrong choice again on Sherrod Brown versus Josh Mandel?

Double Dog Dare