We began the week end on a high note: President “Liddle Don Don” arrived at the Values Voters Summit in his usual grand manner to reassure us that we could say Merry Christmas again (applause), even if we choose to say it before the first holiday reminders appear in store windows before Labor Day.

Actually the gathering of religious conservatives – the first, Trump boasted, that a U.S. president ever graced – was arranged to bash gays, unpatriotic black football players who can now forget about going to Heaven, and, as always, Barack Obama. (Applause with some hallelujahs.)

Trump had earlier said he hated everyone in the White House. (Roars from the multitudes except the immediate family that lives there.)

And spitefully so. Not in our lifetime will racist politicians recover from the historical reality that an African American was twice elected to the White House. That’s a democracy for you. Trump was twice cursed because he lost  the popular vote by three million to a mere woman.

Once upon a time, the powerful Medici family was banned from Florence for 20 years for murderous plots. No traces left behind. Total wipeout of family name.

Today, the president has decided to slice away at Obamacare. (No. Make that OBAMAcare.) And by the way, if you go to Florence, the Medici name is still very much alive.

Meantime, Trump’s field hands, paralyzed by fear of what it could cost Republicans in the 2018 election when higher health insurance premiums roll in from his nefarious handiwork, stand mute. I won’t single out Ohio U.S. Sen. Rob Portman for his shyness because he never knows what to say about any controversial issue.

For the rest of us, we must thank God for small favors and express a guilt-free Merry Christmas to our neighbors. Fa la la.