This may seem a tad silly to you, but what good is a democracy if you can’t be as whacky  as the president?

I’m talking about the devastating fire in California which, Heaven knows, doesn’t lend itself to silliness.

So can we conclude that, say, Pat Robertson, the prayerful old white guy – heh, heh, heh – will explain that the flames are God’s punishing prelude to Hell for our sinful existence on earth. The reverend has said such alarming things about other natural disasters traceable to gays, practicing Sodomites, abortionists, and garden variety Democrats.

Until “Liddle Don-Don” unpacked his riches in the Oval Office we wouldn’t have dared assigning holy blame on the flooding of Puerto Rico and Florida with not an ark in sight. Nor failure to kneel during the National Anthem a sin of Biblical proportion to protest a protest.

Conceding that hypocrisy is not unlawful, I must at least fill in the blank that neither Liddle Don-Don nor Mike Pence ever served a single day in the military. The hawkish president avoided the uniform with five deferments. But his sweet spot is a patriotic photo-op among ”brave and courageous” soldiers, which he wasn’t, and never intended to be.

Folks, there are many dangerous paths to travel in reckoning with Trump, who just returned to his official business after three days of golfing while his flighty field hands were running up a taxpayer tab of $1 million or so in comforting  private airfare as entitlements. For a time until they were grounded, they seemed to be enjoying the circus-like lives of the Flying Wallendas with Don-Don’s enthralled base as a safety net.

Heh, heh, heh.