As we watched Donald Trump gaming Puerto Ricans with paper towels and flashlights while damning them as ungrateful Americans, we could not resist wondering at what age did he decide to claw his way down the tree to  menace civilization.

The flashlight thing was his playful way of claiming their obsolescence because the island was again lighting up with restored power. (Puerto Rico has now reached the 10 percent level of electricity.)  Meantime, he continued to remind  the commonwealth’s residents that they owed Wall Street millions in debts and should stop demanding that others do the heavy lifting. He also didn’t impress the hometowners by mocking their language.

A horrible man before he landed on the island, there was little else we needed to know about his clumsiness in handling world problems. Fortunately there are no nuclear missiles in San Juan. Still, America’s embarrassment in harboring Trump in the White House is painful enough.

Back in his homeland, things seemed to be business as usual. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him a moron and that was that. Trump said of North Korea that it was “calm before the storm” – a term that nobody quite understood. When asked about it, the President said “You’ll see.” Ha. Ha.

He also described his nemesis Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Corker as “gutless” and now refers to him ever so cutely as “Liddle Bob Corker.”

He continued to meet with his friendlier staff groups who joined him in their sleepwear. With the latest poll showing his public approval down to 32 percent, he swung to his favorite enabler, assuring the NRA that he would firmly protect the interests of gun owners to demonstrate his appreciation for that group’s support of him during the campaign.

Speaking of campaigns has been a seamless exercise for him in his endless pursuit of glorious attention. The usual thoughts and prayers went out to Las Vegas but not to his opponents for whom he offered only fire and fury. To that end, Bellini’s operatic “Norma,” a Druid princess who threatened to heap “fury, slaughter and vengeance” on her enemies. It didn’t help, as we learned in the final act.

We need to find a new operatic role for Don-Don. The elephant in “Aida”?

  • JLM452

    It’s approaching the time for the citizens of this country who aren’t blithering idiots (Trump supporters) to go beyond being very concerned. It’s time to become very, very afraid.

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