So Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general imported by President Trump as the EPA administrator on a mission to eliminate the EPA is now having a sound-proof booth installed in his office with taxpayers picking up the $25,000 tab.

Like Greta Garbo, he wants to be safely alone. But she wasn’t talking about sound-proof office cells.

Pruitt has a big thing about his privacy and retains a security force of up to 24 armed guards around the clock to assure his safety. The booth will be just one more entitlement that Trump’s field hands take for themselves because they can.

You’ve doubtless read reports about the costly private fights that Team Trump have commandeered to comfortably satisfy their travel needs. A million dollars worth!

There have been countless media reports that Pruitt is using those flights as a personal shuttle back to Oklahoma, where he meets with friendly oil barons and other EPA haters to refresh his duty to imperil clean air and water measures from the Obama Administration. By some accounts, Pruitt has spent half of his time back in his home state. Fully supportive, the Trump budget has already cut 31 percent from the EPA. Many positions remain unfilled.

Meet Scott Pruitt, the fox in the henhouse.

When will this all end, folks – if ever? A majority of Americans want clean air and water. And the lyrics from the Broadway show “Oklahoma” cheerily descibed the state as a place where the “wavin’ wheat can sure sound sweet…You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma.”

With Trump/Pruitt/Big Oil in charge, we wonder how that would play today.


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