Ohio state Sen. Joe Schiavoni, a Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, laid out the details of a comprehensive plan to support Ohio workers and small businesses during a press conference last Thursday, where he also announced a new website: JoeForJobs.com.

“This plan makes the investments necessary to give people a real opportunity. That’s why I’m here today, and that’s why I’m running for governor,” Schiavoni said in a release announcing his jobs plan.

Schiavoni, who is from Boardman, said that his plan puts together a series of bills that he’s worked on in the past that focuses on creating jobs, training workers, and supporting small businesses.

“I use the Mahoning Valley as an example when I go to communities all over the state, because there are so many places just like Youngstown where people just want a fair shot,” he said.

Ohio has the third highest unemployment rate among all 50 states, Schiavoni noted in a release announcing the plan. This August alone, the release said, Ohio retailers cut another 2,700 jobs and wholesale trade companies cut 2,000 jobs. Hiring in manufacturing has been substantially flat over the past year, it said.

“It’s clear that the current plan of massive tax cuts with no real investment is not working. It’s time for something new,” the release added.

The release said that Schiavoni’s comprehensive jobs plan is based on years of research, discussions with local leaders, and legislative efforts as a state senator.

“It is based on several bills he has introduced in the Statehouse, including bills to boost career technical educationrebuild crumbling underground infrastructureinvest in green technology projectssupport small businesses and workers, and many others,” the release said.

On the website, the plan lays out a series of steps toward creating jobs in Ohio.

Step One is to close the business income tax loophole known as the LLC Loophole, according to the plan to save the state an estimated $2.2 billion over two years that can be invested into businesses, workers, and communities.

“By closing just this one failing tax loophole that has not created any jobs in Ohio, we could fund Joe’s entire jobs plan and still have money left over for future investments,” the plan says.

Step Two of Schiavoni’s plan is to “use the new revenue to make targeted investments that benefit small businesses and Ohio workers.”

With regard to small businesses, according to the plan, this includes establishing a Small Business Revolving Microloan program to help businesses with fewer than 500 employees meet capital needs, expand operations, and create and retain jobs.

Regarding workers, the plan proposes to increase career technical education funding, improve access to workforce training programs, expand existing workforce education programs, put in place tax credits, and to protect workers’ rights.

The plan also includes proposals on keeping jobs in Ohio, helping Ohioans reenter the workforce, keeping jobs in Ohio, and encouraging green energy technology and other emerging industries in the state.

Full details of Schiavoni’s plan are available here. Schiavoni’s press conference was also live-streamed via Facebook and can be viewed in full here.