Meanwhile, back at the nation’s capital…

The gloom settling on Republican leaders is becoming more apparent each day as their play-president engages in patty-cake with Democrats on the debt ceiling.

Actually, it was a good week for Donald Trump – disastrous floods et. al. – while the TV reporters stood knee deep in hurricane flood water. He didn’t have to wake up each morning awash in further alerts about special counsel Robert Mueller’s relentless nosiness into matters involving Team Trump and Russia.

And yet the president, the most incoherent of CEOs since the Oval Office was created, managed to capture the soul of the floods between his photo-ops with the briefest of descriptions: “There’s a lot of water.” Cool.

On the down side for the play-president: Was it an epiphany for Trump to learn that there is a power greater than his tweets ruling the planet?

On Sunday, Steve Bannon – is there a more repugnant individual? – was interviewed by Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes and tried to convince us that he is the smartest man on the planet, maybe for ever and ever, while labeling all – ALL – of his critics as “idiots.”

He scandalized Republican leadership, huffed that he didn’t care what the media thought of him, attacked the Catholic church for defending DACA allegedly because it wants to fill its pews with illegals, and said the Russia investigation is a “waste of time.”

He also described Trump’s swamp drainage, whose evacuees comprise a cabinet of well-fed, self-serving misfits, as an effective ”business model.”

And then we heard from Rush Limbaugh, who accused the media of hyping the catastrophic hurricane to promote the myth of climate change. That will be posted on all of the walls of the U.S. Interior Department.

I can’t go on knowing that the Bannon-Llimbaugh plague is tearing the country apart. Or as Paul Krugman observed on a wider field: ”It’s not just Rush. Know-nothings are running America.”