Every time a disaster hits America, Republicans from Ohio vote against providing relief. They have all sorts of excuses, but the upshot is the same: When Americans are hurting desperately because of natural disaster, Ohio Republicans can be counted on to tell them, “No.”

Ohio U.S. Sen. Rob Portman opposed Hurricaine Sandy aid in 2013 (which was not full of pork as some have lied recently), though he voted for Harvey aid last week. Nevertheless five of Ohio’s Republican members of U.S. Congress took up the reins and opposed Harvey disaster relief, including GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci.

In a deal offered by Democrats that was accepted by President Donald Trump last week, $15 billion in disaster relief for both Harvey and Irma was packaged with money to avoid government shutdown for the next three months.

From Cleveland.com:

The measure to aid victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma passed the House of Representatives Friday 316 to 90. The bill passed the Senate the previous day in an 80 to 17 vote, with support from both of Ohio’s senators. All who voted against it in the House and Senate were Republicans.

Renacci and (U.S. Rep. Jim) Jordan said they supported a hurricane relief bill that passed earlier in the week without other provisions attached. Republican leaders had wanted a longer debt ceiling extension than the bill contained.

“The Senate shoved disaster aid, a debt ceiling extension and temporarily funding the government in one massive package without having the discussion and debate these three major issues deserve to have,” said a statement from Renacci.

“Shoved” three extremely important issues for the health and stability of the United States of America into one package that Jim Renacci rejected. Got it. And why did he reject it? Because he wanted to pair it with cuts to public services and hurting people’s lives.

“I simply cannot support raising the debt ceiling without pairing it with spending cuts…”

Oh poor Jim. He doesn’t get to afflict the afflicted with cuts to government, so he’s going to vote against funding the government, vote against the U.S. meeting its obligations to pay its debts, and vote against helping hurricane victims. Whatta guy.

You’ll not be surprised to learn that Renacci has a 3 percent score with the League of Conservation Voters and has voted against nearly every single one of the environmental protection and climate change legislation bills in their guide.

Isn’t that fun for Jim? He gets to oppose all environmental regulation and climate catastrophe prevention efforts, and then when disaster hits, he votes against relief for the victims! I bet he sleeps like a baby at night too, dreaming of nice warm fossil fuel campaign donations (Top Donor Industry: Electric Utilities. Top Contributor: FirstEnergy Corp).

The other Ohio Republicans who voted against the package (in addition to Renacci and Jordan) included Brad Wenstrup, Mike Turner, and Warren Davidson. All of Ohio’s Democrats backed the measure.