Dayton Mayor and Democratic candidate for Ohio Governor Nan Whaley released a video Tuesday outlining her vision of making Ohio a state of lifelong learners, by expanding Dayton’s successful City of Learners initiative statewide.

“When I became Mayor of Dayton, I set a big goal – that we would be a city of lifelong learning, nonstop education from cradle to career and beyond,” Whaley says in the video. “Ohio should set a similar goal – to be a State of Learners.”

In 2014, Whaley launched the City of Learners initiative to increase learning opportunities for all of Dayton’s children and build a stronger workforce for the future, a press release said. That included fostering a bipartisan coalition which passed a ballot measure so that every single four-year-old in Dayton now has access to high-quality pre-K, it said. This school year, 1,900 students were eligible to start pre-K in late August, the release said.

“The jobs of the future, the jobs our three- and four-year-olds will do 20 years from now, haven’t even been invented yet and will require more training and skills than ever before,” Whaley said.

Research shows that investing in high-quality early childhood education puts kids on a path to success and is especially impactful for low-income students, the release said. Providing high-quality pre-K is a sound investment in our children’s future and the future of our state, it added.

“If we’re serious about investing in education then we need to start with the youngest Ohioans,” Whaley said.

The release said that the new video will be accompanied by a significant online ad buy.