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Newt Gingrich, a glib survivor of a scandalous political career, said on Fox News the other day that if Donald Trump tones down his words he would be a “remarkably great president”. I won’t try to follow the logic of a fellow who, as a self-satisfied presidential smoothie, once promised to colonize the moon. Back on this planet, he proposed firing all of the public school janitors and having the students fill the tasks. Soaring ideas like those are probably what convinced President Trump to nominate Gingrich’s wife Callista to be the ambassador to Vatican City. The move also may […]

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Inquiring minds want to know, can Ohio’s senior senator in Washington remain Ohio’s senior senator in Washington next year if his challenger is Ohio’s term-limited, embattled, self-basting state treasurer who wants to ape Donald Trump’s smashing campaign victory against Hillary Clinton last year?

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, who won first term in 2006 by defeating then incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine, and tasted victory again in 2012 by defeating state treasurer Josh Mandel and more than $40 million spent by friends of Mandel against him, is seen by some experts as the […]

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As if Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s imitation of Donald Trump wasn’t enough, now his GOP primary opponent in next year’s race to try to unseat U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown has an ad out with plenty of Trumpian bull mess as well.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

A Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Ohio released a web ad Tuesday that attacks CNN for supposedly purveying “fake news” in an attempt to destroy President Donald Trump.

The commercial was produced on behalf of Mike Gibbons, a little-known Cleveland banker who is seeking the GOP Senate nomination also […]

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Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado and Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio represent an odd couple matchup that deserves further review and comparison on other issues now that the duo have linked arms on healthcare.

Kasich is now term-limited and a lame duck leader in many ways as overrides this week of some of his budget vetoes by fellow Republicans show his power in Columbus has waned. Hickenlooper is also term-limited, but he built a big profitable beer business and served Denver as mayor before chairing the Democratic Governors […]

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Look, I get it, President Donald Trump is the biggest “snowflake” of them all. He handles criticism with all the dignity and grace of an inflamed hemorrhoid. Frankly, I’ve never seen any politician victimize more people while playing the victim himself in such a sustained, shameless, and callow way.

That’s the way bullies work, though, isn’t it? They go around hurting and hitting everyone and everything else, and when they are criticized for it they become the biggest babies in the sandbox. Sadly, this is the President of the United States about whom we are talking, not the Rugrats. […]

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U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown criticized President Donal Trump for asking for more troops in Afghanistan Monday with no clear exit strategy, or any other kind of strategy for that matter.

The war in Afghanistan is the longest running continual military conflict in United States history, launched in the fall of 2001, and going on nearly 16 years at this point.

A total of 27,018 people have been killed on the American coalition forces side of the conflict, including 21,950 Afghan Security Forces personnel and 2,271 American soldiers. An estimated 25,500 to 40,500 have been killed on the Taliban side, along with […]

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On Monday, all four current Democratic members of the U.S. House endorsed former U.S. Attorney Steve Dettelbach’s bid for Ohio Attorney General. The endorsements add to the momentum after Dettelbach’s latest campaign finance filing showed $630,000 raised for the period, positioning the campaign for success in 2018, according to a press release..

“I’m honored to have the support of these public servants who work every day to make Ohio a better place. As Ohio Attorney General, I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with our representatives to take on powerful special interests, keep our communities safe and level the playing field so that […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting this morning that a group of Ohioans are opposed to removing a confederate memorial in Franklin, Ohio.

This obviously begs the question, why in pluperfect hell is there a confederate memorial in Ohio to remove anyway? Why are there four of them? Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan pillaged and burned his way across southern Ohio in 1863. Does Altanta have a monument to Sherman? Does Rome have a memorial to the Visigoths? The answer to both is no, and for good reason.

From the Enquirer:

The removal of […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich showed yet again that all he has to offer on the brazen idiocy Donald Trump has exhibited throughout his candidacy and seven months into his presidency is more meaningless mush.

Now a lame-duck governor whose status as a very weak leader back home will be validated again this week when GOP lawmakers return to Columbus to override some vetoes from his last budget bill, Kasich tried but failed last year to carve out a niche for himself as the “adult in the room.”

Sadly, for Kasich, the only niche he’s been […]

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News broke Friday afternoon that White House Chief Strategist Steven Bannon is out.

This was after the worst week yet in a seemingly never-ending series of horrible weeks for President Donald Trump and his dysfunctional, chaotic administration.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said what we all know: Bannon should have never been in the White House in the first place.

Here is Brown’s statement in full:

“Steve Bannon should have never been in the White House. He has promoted anti-Semitism, racism and misogyny, embracing the same bigotry and hate speech that have left so many Ohioans feeling unsafe. Bannon […]

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Do you think there is enough tension and division in the United States right now? Are folks hot enough around the collar? Y’know what might cool things off here in Ohio?

Opening up our gun laws to “stand your ground” so that Ohioans have no duty to retreat and can kill each other whenever they feel under attack. Great. Perfect. Run with it.

That’s apparently the thinking of some Ohio Republicans.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

“We want to eliminate your duty to retreat when you are under threat of violent attack,” said (state) Sen. Jay Hottinger, […]

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