From the daily archives: Thursday, August 31, 2017

More than four decades ago a bushy-haired young man walked up to my desk at the Beacon Journal and introduced himself. He wanted me to know that he was running for the Fifth Ward council seat in downtown Akron. When he told me he was a Republican challenging a rough-cut drawling Democrat, Cliff Nicholson, I replied that he had no chance.

“That’s a Democratic Ward,” I said in disbelief of his brash mission, “where they don’t even bother to count the Republican votes.”

“I know,” Alex Arshinkoff said without a hint of discouragement. “But you’ll see.” He then went on to […]

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State Sen. Joe Schiavoni announced a comprehensive plan to increase job growth and employment through targeted investments Tuesday. This legislative package is the latest in a series of bills the senator has introduced to improve Ohio’s small business climate and bolster job growth, a release from Schiavoni’s office said.

“We’ve spent too long waiting for the Republicans’ plan to work,” Schiavoni said. “It’s time to proactively invest in our state to expand small businesses, strengthen our economy, and create good paying jobs right now.”

This legislative package, which will be formally introduced soon in the Ohio Senate, will help grow […]

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