From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This is the type of news that gives me hope. Shontel M. Brown is a young, smart, energetic leader with a background in small- to midsize business who will hopefully push the Cuyahoga County Democrats into a bright, new future.

The Cuyahoga County Democrats have come a long way since the rule of boss Jimmy Dimora, who is serving a 28-year sentence on corruption charges. This key county for Democrats needs strong leadership, and there’s all the reason in the world to think they’ve found it in the 42-year-old Brown.


Cuyahoga County Democrats elected both their first black […]

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As a charter sponsor, the Ohio Council of Community Schools had 50 schools receive an academic rating of zero last year, but now they will get a clean slate because of a loophole in state law.

Another charter school sponsor, another controversy. We’ve heard this tune about unaccountability for profiteering charters nauseatingly often. Ohio’s Republican political leaders refuse to learn their lesson.


A prominent charter school sponsor will avoid potential penalties for the failing grades of its schools thanks to a special exemption in state law and by formally splitting from the University […]

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