Steve Dyer’s August 23 10th Period post drills down into dropout recovery regulations and concludes ECOT will have to manipulate enrollment to transition to a dropout recovery school.

Steve writes:

I wondered when this was coming. But apparently, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow — the most scandal-ridden charter school in the state that owes taxpayers $60 million in overpayments from just one year of instruction — now wants to be classified as a dropout recovery school.

The problem is, they can’t do it unless they once again manipulate student counts. They either have to suddenly drop about 1,200 students off their rolls, or find thousands more students. While that can certainly happen, my guess is they will have to perform all kinds of enrollment gymnastics to do it. Of course, they’ve been pretty good at that in the past.

Why would they have to do this contortion? Because as a charter school, they have to accept everyone who comes through their virtual door, just like a local public school. They can’t just drop a bunch of kids so they can get a new state designation that can save their financial bacon…

This shady maneuver must be stopped in the interest of taxpayers.