“The problem with the Democrats, I can’t figure out what they’re for,” Ohio Gov. John Kasich said on national TV. Kasich, a term-limited, lame-duck governor, is desperately seeking life after his governorship ends at the end of next year and is working overtime to forge a following as he cements his reputation as a reliable critic of President Donald Trump after losing badly to the New York billionaire and reality TV star last year.

“I mean, they have a golden opportunity, right, to be able to come in and win elections, but they can’t figure out anything other than the fact that they don’t like Donald Trump,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner. 

Kasich Stands For All The Wrong Moves

Kasich wrote a book called “Stand For Something,” but he’s as clueless about what Democrats stand for as he is about what he stands for. Now the darling of beltway media due to his acceptance and ongoing defense of expanded Medicaid, something very few Republicans governors chose to do, Ohio’s 69th state CEO should know after about 40 years in politics where he and Democrats part ways, and it’s on a host of issues he knows all too well.

For the benefit of Mr. K, Democrats, progressives and intelligent independents (DPI) generally support collective bargaining power that delivers better pay and benefits to public and private workers. DPIs stand for raising the minimum wage sufficiently to live on without looking to taxpayer-funded safety nets; ending gerrymandering in Ohio, an abuse carried on by Kasich and his Republican-led legislature to suppress voting on several occasions; redefining “fair share” for the wealthiest after decades of selling givebacks and loopholes as key to growth, that we now understand has paved our path to the income inequality gripping the Buckeye State and the nation. CNBC has already gaged the quality of life in Ohio, and if ranking 40th in QOL sounds good to you, then apply for a job at JobsOhio.

Women’s rights, yet another key area where Democrats differ with Kasich, with the former fighting to protect them while the latter, a Catholic boy from Mckees Rocks, Pennsylvania, who’s still waiting for the Lord to give him purpose in life, works to erect obstacles. Healthcare, where Kasich enjoys his greatest approval by elite east coast media who have no interest in how poorly he’s doing back home, especially on job creation, where he hit 56 straight months of below par job growth.

DIPs are generally supportive of single payer-public option, or Medicare for all, a smart business decision that would add America to the list of advanced nations that already know what works best. Kasich, a former Wall Street banker for the now-defunct Lehman Brothers, is a priest in the temple whose dogma believes a competitive, for-profit system is the answer. Competitive markets do many things, one of which seeks to find the top of the market, where profits and returning shareholder value co-mingle, and go there. Staying healthy and alive becomes expensive for those who want to avoid bankrupt court.

He also believes tax cuts for the rich create jobs, and that government has original sin and must be constantly shackled to allow innovators to innovate. For most Democrats, this is just hogwash, but not to a hard-core Republican like Kasich who still hides his real thoughts by saying he’s still waiting for God to tell him what his purpose in life is.

This list can go on and on and on. What can’t go on and on is Kasich’s convenient lapse of memory or outright ignorance on where he and Democrats part ways. Kasich could be asked the same question he asks about Democrats: No one can figure out where he stands since he likes to say one thing then hedge it with more rhetoric that confounds and confuses listeners on whether Kasich is a hard-right governor, a center-right leader, a Republican turned independent, or just an actor masquerading his sympathies for long-held Democratic values.

Kasich: Give Trump Time To Course Correct

Even on the simple topic of Donald John Trump, who he admits to the obvious that Democrats oppose the Donald based on reasons that range from his sheer ignorance to his stupidity to his bold if not brazen attempt to undermining democrat values, including freedom of the press, Kasich is both against and for Trump in the same breath. He loves to criticize President Trump, but unlike Democrats who aren’t afraid to stand against Trump for all the right reasons, Kasich pulls in his guns by saying Trump is his president and the misogynist-in-chief deserves a chance to correct his course.

If that’s not standing for nothing, then Kasich should rethink his criticisms of Democrats for doing and saying what he is clearly afraid to do for fear of alienating Trump’s base voters who already see Ohio’s governor as a turncoat who can’t be trusted.

Trump, who won 80 of Ohio’s 88 counties last November, will probably hold onto his popularity longer in Ohio than in some other states, according to Kyle Kondik of the University of Virginia and author of “The Bellwether: Why Ohio Picks the President.” Kondik thinks that “Ohio runs below the national average for the percentage of its population that is college-educated – a trend line that favored Trump in last year’s election – and issues like focusing on immigration and cutting government regulations play well here.”

Kasich’s Fake Outrage

Much like Trump has worn out the phrase “fake news,” Kasich has worn out the assertion that he was the only “adult in the room” last year when he and 15 other White House wannabees couldn’t get the job done of defeating a pathological liar who only has his interest at heart from attaining the highest office in the land.

Shame on you, Gov. Kasich. Stand for something other than being a petulant teenager leader who sees his time in the public spotlight drawing to a close after a lifetime of being wrong on nearly all critical issues.

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    Single payer aka IMPROVED Medicare for ALL……….including Kasich…..

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