An old-timey town crier

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting this morning that a group of Ohioans are opposed to removing a confederate memorial in Franklin, Ohio.

This obviously begs the question, why in pluperfect hell is there a confederate memorial in Ohio to remove anyway? Why are there four of them? Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan pillaged and burned his way across southern Ohio in 1863. Does Altanta have a monument to Sherman? Does Rome have a memorial to the Visigoths? The answer to both is no, and for good reason.

From the Enquirer:

The removal of a Confederate monument drew a group of protesters to Franklin on Saturday afternoon.

City officials removed the memorial to Robert E. Lee, the top Confederate general during the Civil War, in the middle of the night Thursday. It had been at the intersection of Dixie Highway and Hamilton-Middletown Road since 1927.

The group said their show of support had nothing to do with race and everything to do with history. They carried Confederate flags and signs reading, “We want our monument back.”

“I am out here supporting my history because I am tired of it being carted off like it’s a piece of trash,” one person said.

Ohio has no shortage of heroes from the Civil War to honor. Robert E. Lee is not among them.

Here’s a list of Ohioans from the Civil War worthy of memorials, monuments and statues over Lee or any other confederate rebel:

Any single one of the 6,700 black Civil War soldiers who fought for the Union. Author and abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe. Union Generals Ulysses S. GrantWilliam T. Sherman, and Philip H. Sheridan. Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. Secretary of the Treasury (and later U.S. Supreme Court Justice) Salmon P. Chase. Maj. Gen. (and later President) James A. Garfield. Maj. Gen. (and later President) Rutherford B. Hayes. U.S. Rep. John Bingham, the principal framer of the Fourteenth Amendment. Abolitionists John and Jane Rankin and Levi Coffin. U.S. Rep. Joshua Reed Giddings. U.S. Sen. Benjamin Wade. And thousands more Ohioans who gave their lives and fought for the United States of America.

If we are to honor treason – of which Lee and the rest of the confederate states are guilty – why not pick an Ohioan such as the odious Copperhead U.S. Rep. (and convicted traitor) Clement Vallandigham?

History is taught in books, museums, libraries, schools and universities. Monuments and memorials are meant to honor. Treason is not to be honored. Even Robert E. Lee was against monuments to the confederacy. Wanna know why? Because he figured they would only continue to sow division. Over 150 years later, looks like he continues to be right.

Tim Ryan Eyes 2020?

Well this is interesting.

From WMUR:

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, isn’t afraid of taking on the leadership of his own party and may be considering a run for president based on what he said on WMUR’s “CloseUp” Sunday morning.

“How do we make it work? How do we make globalization work in Manchester and Youngstown, Ohio? How do we make automation and all the innovations that are happening around the country – how do we get them to create jobs in economically distressed areas that have seen a loss of manufacturing?” Ryan asked.

The question highlights Ryan’s mission to revive what some call “forgotten America.” He hopes to bring back manufacturing and break up a kind of monopoly on federal jobs in Washington, D.C.

“You take 300,000 federal workers. You take 30,000 of those workers and you put a thousand jobs in 30 different communities across the country that really need it,” he said. “What a huge shot in the arm that would be.”

Ryan has ties to New Hampshire as a graduate of Franklin Pierce Law School. He is now in his eighth term as a congressman. In 2016, he challenged House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi for her seat saying the party’s brand had become toxic to many Americans.

He lost that fight, but now may have his eye on a bigger job in the Oval Office.

Sittenfeld Raising Big Bucks


Well, hello there, P.G. Sittenfeld.

Remember him? The Cincinnati city councilman made sure we haven’t forgotten about him by raising an eye-popping $315,000 the first half of this year, more than double what anyone else in the Council race has raked in.

Sittenfeld doesn’t need anywhere near that much money to be re-elected to a third term. No, this was about him making a big, bold statement that he’s back and still a star player in the Democratic Party after flying under the radar for more than a year.

“We still have a full tank of gas in the car,” Sittenfeld recently told Politics Extra.

What The Hell, Toledo Blade?

The Toledo Blade apparently thinks President Donald Trump still has a pivot toward humility, or normality, or decency in him. What are they smoking and where can I get some?

From the Blade Editorial Board:

The President faces a choice at this juncture. He can choose his persona (as the take-no-prisoners maverick) or he can choose his agenda. He can be the ultimate reality star or he can try to govern. …

To make the right choice will take some humility. The President will have to accept that he needs help and coaching. He will have to admit, at least to himself and his closest aides, that he cannot take on the entire White House press corps single handed, and daily. He will have to admit that there is much about insider politics and policy that he does not know. He will have to be more scripted. …

None of us are too old to learn, no matter how old or how grand our status. And sometimes survival itself depends upon the ability to change and grow. This is what many of the President’s friends are saying and thinking now. As Mr. Corker said, the world needs our President to succeed.

This begs another question, succeed at what? Succeed at taking health care away from 24 million people? Succeed at going to war with North Korea? Succeed at ramping up and further prolonging America’s longest war ever, in Afghanistan? Succeed at destroying environmental regulations? Succeed at shredding the social safety net? Succeed at destroying civil rights protections? Succeed at suppressing minority communities? Succeed at building that stupid wall? Succeed at destroying and breaking up immigrant families? Succeed at giving millionaires and billionaires massive tax breaks and exploding the deficit in the process? What exactly is it in President Trump’s destructive and hurtful agenda that you want him to succeed at, Blade? Seriously.