Ohio Gov. John Kasich showed yet again that all he has to offer on the brazen idiocy Donald Trump has exhibited throughout his candidacy and seven months into his presidency is more meaningless mush.

Now a lame-duck governor whose status as a very weak leader back home will be validated again this week when GOP lawmakers return to Columbus to override some vetoes from his last budget bill, Kasich tried but failed last year to carve out a niche for himself as the “adult in the room.”

Sadly, for Kasich, the only niche he’s been able to carve out for himself throughout his 40 years in the pubic limelight is that of the petulant CEO teenager in the room, who knows that if he spikes his bogus calls for unity and bipartisanship with attention grabber jackpot words like “pathetic” and his now patented exclamation of “are you kidding me?” media will lap it up. The governor’s Kasichisms try to make a point, but usually fall short of what the glib governor should be saying.

Appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper on Sunday, Ohio’s 69th governor, whose has now underperformed the national job creation average for 56 straight months, said he doesn’t have any plans to square off against Trump in 2020, should he still be president then.

“I don’t have any plans to do anything like that,” said the man who Trump beat silly last year. “I’m rooting for him to get it together,” Kasich said, again falling far short of taking a stand for decency and the moral high ground he so wants to be associated with. “We all are. I mean, we’re only, like, seven months into this presidency.”

On President Trump going to Phoenix on Tuesday to make a speech at another campaign season rally, and maybe issuing a pardon to former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was recently convicted by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton of contempt of court for ignoring a judge’s 2011 instructions in a racial profiling case, Kasich, who these days prefers speaking to Washington Beltway media, offered more advise to The Donald to “say something that’s going to bring people together.”

Bringing people together is the bowl of mush Kasich uses as his trump card, even though he has yet to say in words what that “something” is. The former Fox News talk show pundit and former Lehman Brothers banker who wrote a book called “Stand for Something,” is unable to drive a stake into the president’s heart no matter what the White House does.

Ohio’s timid governor, whose rhetoric on Trump actions and words sound threatening but normally turn out to be more bluster than speaking truth to power, told CNN that Trump “proved he has the capacity to bring the country together” based on his State of the Union address earlier this year.

“If he [Trump] can maintain discipline,” Kasich told his national audience, it will help avoid all the “fighting and yelling back and forth that’s harming the country… Everybody in America needs to take a deep breath and think about your children and think about our country,” Kasich said, maintaining his discipline of saying nothing anybody can use to gauge whether he stands with or against President Trump. His stunning revelation to Tapper on Sunday said this: “We don’t do well when all we do is fight.”

Poor John Kasich, he tried last year, for the second time in his life, to mount a campaign as a Republican for the White House. He would love to do it a third time in 2020 if he can manage to convince voters and campaign donors he’s serious enough the next time when the field could have many of the same candidates who tried and failed last year to beat Trump, who beat Kasich who lost 49 races, winning only one, his home state.

Kasich likely won’t hold any public office after his second term as state CEO ends in about 15 months. And whatever alternate group he affiliates with, if any will have him or fund him, won’t help his call to duty or his mushy call for unity.

By refusing to call out Trump on his many bigoted, misogynist, racist actions and comments, John Kasich, a standard bearer for establishment lane Republicans,  shows he’s full to the brim with meaningless mush that media eat up even though its nutritionally bankrupt.