An old-timey town crier

Nazis killed someone in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday. Her name was Heather Heyer. She was a 32-year-old paralegal, and she was anti-Nazi. Nineteen others were injured.

Two days later, President Donald Trump succumbed to political pressure and condemned the Nazis. It took him two full days to condemn Nazis. Let’s all take a second to pause and reflect on that. …

There is no both-siderism when it comes to Nazis. I’ve been to Dachau. Five years later, thinking of what I saw there still makes me ill. Anybody who wears, waves, or stands by a Nazi symbol is the lowest scum of the Earth.

Anybody who makes excuses for them because “they got a permit,” or tries to both-sider it, or does anything except condemn Nazis in the strongest terms, or condemns them and adds a qualifying “but…” and points to people standing up to Nazis, is just about as low. Inexcusable. Contemptible. Vile.


Also, isn’t it interesting that stupid racists always carry the confederate and Nazi flags, two armies that got their asses kicked by the United States of America?

They also like to call themselves “real” or “true” patriots. ‘Not a very thoughtful bunch. You know what I think’s patriotic? Fighting Nazis.

A friend called me yesterday to ask me why Nazis are marching in America and killing people. I didn’t have a a very good answer, except to warn him to expect more of it. Nazi Richard Spencer already has another march scheduled, at Texas A&M, on Sept. 11 no less.

I wonder what it is in 2017 that has emboldened Nazis in America. What is it that makes them feel powerful and comfortable going public with their Nazism? Hmmm…

What could it be? … What could it be?

I saw the photo to the left recently. I like it. I really like it.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen a lot of propaganda on the Fox News Facebook machine the past couple days. One piece of propaganda really caught my eye.

It was about the YouTubers Diamond and Silk, who are Trump supporters, calling for unity. Fox News Facebook said Sunday they “came out swinging” against “white nationalist groups” and “violent leftist radicals.”

On Saturday, a right-wing Nazi murdered someone, but in the Fox News Facebook construction, it is the “leftist radicals” who are “violent.” Compare that to the benign phrasing of “white nationalist groups,” instead of – y’know – Nazis.

So Fox News Facebook couched an incredibly divisive assertion against the victim of a Nazi murderer in a “call for unity,” while downplaying the inherently violent and divisive history and nature of Nazis. Classy.

And of course, it worked like a charm: The top comments from Fox fans were all both-siderism nonsense about how “actually there are a lot of people to blame a-derpa-derpa-derp.”

The way Trump put it Saturday was that there was violence “on many sides, on many sides.” This was before he was forced politically to condemn the Nazis who have aligned themselves with him politically, and who he’s dog whistled along for the ride.

Remember, for Fox the goal isn’t to bring anybody over to the Nazis, just to muddy the waters enough so Fox News Facebook viewers can go to bed believing they aren’t sympathizing with Nazis.

Fox News Facebook wants their followers to believe it’s the “violent leftist radicals” who are being divisive and violent (by standing up to Nazis). Obviously it’s the left’s fault; it’s right in their name – the “violent leftist radicals.”

So this is how propaganda works, in miniature. It’s effective. It’s also immoral, unethical, anti-social, manipulative, and revolting.

Ohio Connections

There’s been coverage of the Charlottesville events because the murderous Nazi who rammed his Dodge into the crowd of counter-protestors is from Ohio, though he grew up in Northern Kentucky, according to has a story about the Ohio connection in its own roundup.

One of the Nazi’s victims was from Athens County, which was covered by The Athens NEWS. The NEWS has a quote from victim Bill Burke’s wife, Annie Burke:

“I would tell that person that I feel sorry for him. He is obviously a victim of his own hatred and attitude of bigotry. This person’s actions are exactly the reason why my husband counter-protested. Bill Burke and I stand for peace and equality, not hatred and injustice. I would tell him that he will have to live with the knowledge that he killed innocent people, and I pity him for that. My prayers are with him and other narrow-minded individuals to have a heart-change and live a life of love towards others, not hatred.”

Over at the Dayton Daily News, you can catch Ohio leaders condemning the Nazi violence. The Columbus Dispatch has a story on one of the Nazi’s former teachers talking about how the Nazi idolized Nazis.

The Youngstown Vindicator wrote an editorial about the President of the United States having a responsibility to forcefully denounce domestic terrorism. We second the motion.

At Plunderbund, our hearts are with the victims of Nazi terrorism in Charlottesville. Our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families. Their wounds are the wounds of our nation. May we be healed.

Editor’s Note: We will publish a special Tuesday Roundup this week, covering other news topics on what’s going on in Ohio.