Caricature of Donald Trump by DonkeyHotey

A review of  President Trump’s portrayal of King Kong at his rare news conference this week gave the world more chilling evidence of his mental illness of which he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office…”

You’ll find those precise words in Amendment 25 of the U.S. Constitution that lays out the path for his removal from the office by Congress (if only there are enough creatures on Capitol Hill with the backbone to pursue it!).

He is a man of breast-beating fantasy that betrays his insecurity as the forces  of democratic government bear down on him. Seated aside him with a hint  of a smile and nod, was Vice President Mike Pence – the official Trump version of Mr. Peepers – a benign soul who’s merely along for the ride. So it’s left to the rest of us to decide what the hell he’s talking about when he says such things praising himself as the man of action on North Korea who has accepted the heroic mission of standing up for America. A knock-off of Nietzsche’s Superman.

That singular self-proclaimed role, of course, insulted and degraded every man and woman who wore the uniform into battle to protect the flag. We all know that was not his own task as a man of privilege who escaped military service with five deferments. Cheap shot? Is it possible that anything said about Trump is a cheap shot?

His panicky unwillingness to give up his obsessions  exposes itself every moment in front of a mike. Crooked Hillary?  President Obama who left America in the throes of Stone Age disaster? A crippled failing New York Times? Disgracefully inert Republican Congress? A presidential neonatal campaign without end. Fable upon fable.

When this theater of the absurd began, we looked at it as merely a diversion to say he is unfit to be president. Trump was a hoot, an oddity, beyond  good and evil. Ha. Ha. Not this guy, the appreciative Superman who thanked Putin for throwing so many of us out of the American embassy in Moscow. To accuse him of being anything but a horrific absurdity is too kind. But will he take down the planet with him?