From the daily archives: Friday, August 11, 2017

After repeated calls over many months, if not years, by Ohio leaders to Gov. John Kasich to put state resources where his rhetoric is regarding the state’s nation-leading opioid crisis, President Donald J. Trump beat Ohio’s term-limited, lame-duck CEO to the punch Thursday, when a national emergency was declared on an issue that’s gripping America by the throat.

The Washington Post reports that “Trump is now pledging that the federal government will ‘spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis.’”

Trump Out Plays Kasich On Opiods


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Two groups of educators in Ohio have been standing up against the ALEC-driven agenda to hurt public schools in order to privatize and profiteer off of education: Public Education Partners and the Ohio BATs (Badass Teachers).

ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council, a Koch-funded enterprise that writes copy-and-paste legislation to benefit corporations that state legislators turn into law. ALEC has received funding from AT&T, Allergan, ExxonMobil, Pfizer, and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company among many other profit-driven enterprises.

They have produced model bills on a broad range of issues including reducing business regulation and corporate taxation, loosening environmental regulations, tightening voter identification rules, weakening labor unions, and opposing gun control. […]

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