Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel

When Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel declared his second candidacy for the U.S. Senate he left little doubt that he grabbed Donald Trump’s fairy tales as the certain route to victory in 2018. He’s even described in the “fake” media as a “Trump imitator,” which couldn’t be denied inasmuch as Mandel had already pledged himself to sharing Trump’s promise to drain the swamp and as Ohio’s best hope to purify the bureaucracy.

Like Trump, he believes the whole system is rigged against the honorable politicians on Team Trump.

Who is more qualified to speak of swamps than Mandel himself, a driven operative who has been sludging around the darkest corners of a swamp to claim a page in the national agenda?

Mandel’s latest muck from the Everglades was his attack on the Anti-Defamation League, which has etched its history in a battle against anti-Semitism and the root of all hatred.

Mandel complained that the ADL crossed the line when it published a list of the leaders of hate groups. Mandel is Jewish and should be well aware of the ADL’s efforts against prejudice. But this is a Senate campaign, so why not accuse the ADL of a witch hunt, another Trump distraction when the wheels are coming off.

This time, Mandel is again challenging U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, the popular Ohio Democrat who whipped Mandel in a state that Republicans normally win. Will the GOP upstart again reaffirm himself as the poster boy for dirty politics by charging Brown, ås he did the last time, with disloyalty to his country?

Full speed ahead in matching Trump’s juvenile hyperbole with his own. As the headline on Brent Larkin’s column in the Plain Dealer appropriately warned: ”For Josh Mandel, no gutter is too deep, no shot too cheap.”

As Larkin also noted, Mandel even defended Mike Cernovich, one of the guys named by the ADL, who allowed that black women should be “slut shamed” to deny them of AIDs and asserted that diversity was a “code of white genocide”.

Mandel went on to defend Jack Posobiec, another ADL charmer Larkin named as a “Promoter of the lie that Hillary Clinton ran a sex ring out of a Washington D.C., pizza shop.”

As a footnote, I should add that Mandel has boasted that he’s been endorsed by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, distinctively Congress’ most disliked senator, and…Ohio “commonsense” conservative U.S. Sen Rob. Portman. Ask him about it. I’ve had enough.