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On Mandel: Lock Him Up

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When Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel declared his second candidacy for the U.S. Senate he left little doubt that he grabbed Donald Trump’s fairy tales as the certain route to victory in 2018. He’s even described in the “fake” media as a “Trump imitator,” which couldn’t be denied inasmuch as Mandel had already pledged himself to sharing Trump’s promise to drain the swamp and as Ohio’s best hope to purify the bureaucracy.

Like Trump, he believes the whole system is rigged against the honorable politicians on Team Trump.

Who is more qualified to speak of swamps than Mandel himself, a driven operative […]

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There is nothing Ohio Gov. John Kasich likes more than myopic state and national media paying attention to him even though he’s no longer popular and has a track record full of disappointments.

That’s the case now with the release of a very small poll of (600) likely Republican voters in New Hampshire that carries a 4 percent margin of error (larger than good polling).

The New Hampshire Poll, conducted by The American Research Group, has Kasich beating President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in head to head matchups.

Kasich, like Trump, has not really […]

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