What will happen to the “government of the people, by the people and for the people” when privatization is fully accomplished?

Historically, governmental services and institutions have been governed by democratic rule. This strategy is messy at times but it is the best kind of government ever devised.

The craze to privatize government functions is accelerating at the behest of the corporate world. Of course, profit is the motive.

Some manifestations of privatization:

  • Private prisons
  • Charter schools
  • Voucher schools
  • Privatization of parking at OSU
  • Privatization of airports, municipal power
  • Privatization of transportation infrastructure

When privatization of government functions is complete, government will be reduced to the role of collecting tax money and flowing it to private operators. Regulations will be non-existent because the private operators will exercise their political clout to block most regulations. Political power will be in the hands of a few.

Average citizens will not have a voice and will be at the mercy of the oligarchs. Lincoln’s of, by and for the people will be a relic of a golden age of democracy that perished because citizens did not resist the encroachment of the privatizers.

Charters, vouchers, education savings plan, tuition tax credits and other education privatization schemes are merely a part of the overall scheme to privatize all government functions except to raise taxes and feed the oligarchs.


William L. Phillis, Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding


  • Red Rover

    Several of the impacts you mentioned are already well on their way. Continued privatization will make it that much more difficult to recover democratic control from the entrenched business interests, because they’ll be holding even more cards.

  • Gina

    William has been a “voice in the wilderness” against school privatization. I cannot believe how people are not up in arms over this takeover of our democratic system of government and continue to vote against their own self interest. If schools are privatized, It will be the final nail.

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