It was a quiet week end in Trump Americana …. The Mooch went off to wherever Mooches go after they’ve been exiled. Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior zombie-like adviser, was up in the attic moodily wondering why he had gone soft on CNN’s Jim Acosta by merely accusing the reporter of being shockingly “outrageous, ignorant, foolish, and insulting” at a news briefing.

Kellyanne Conway spent more time upgrading her happy face on Fox News. And The Donald, in need of R&R, went to his Utopian golf resort in New Jersey to correct his swing that always jolted the ball from the fairway with the fake media looking on. 

Oh. To the relief of many, Congress went home. And let’s be appreciative of the fact that, the cast of characters left us reeling. I mean, The Donald accused his critics of still pouting from his victory last November, an overwhelming triumph that he boasted was the Democrats’ “worst” defeat in political history. Preaching to the choir in West Virginia, Trump guaranteed born-again coal mines and gloated that the stock market was breaking records because of his stewardship.

Being the billionaire’s billionaire, he didn’t mind his Wall Street hyperbole at all in the face of folks who have no jobs. (Obama’s last six months had even better numbers.) As he once advised us, he could barge into a room of naked female models because he was a “star” and could do that. On Planet Trump, no matter the misbehavior of his office, it was an entitlement.

Earlier in the week, the real political drama, however, was being played out in Ohio. Listen closely: U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, the wealthy former mayor of Wadsworth, reported that he chipped in $4 million of his own cash for his gubernatorial campaign, declaring he would “stop at nothing to win.”

Stop at nothing? Careful there, Jim. One of your Republican primary opponents is Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, who can be expected to keep a sharp eye on people who stop at nothing. Still Renacci, a Trump surrogate from Day One, can look at the week as productive. He drew attention to his campaign path by bringing in Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, for a fundraiser on Thursday.

A skilled denier, Lewandowski spent some of his visit to Cleveland fending off nasty information about his alleged sidelines in business.

LEFTOVERS: We still must wonder why our Sen. Rob Portman couldn’t muster the courage to vote against the Republican health care bill.

No senator was safer against political reprisal after winning a new six-year term last year. A self-described ”common sense Republican”, he always teeters on the fence until voting the straight GOP line.