In response to a constituent asking U.S. Sen. Rob Portman to stop taking campaign money from the fossil fuel industry, Ohio’s junior senator laughed and walked away.

From the Huffington Post:

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) on Friday refused to answer a voter’s questions about a bill critics say will paralyze public health agencies and make it easier for corporations to pollute. He then laughed in the woman’s face when she asked him to stop taking donations from fossil fuel giants.

At the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Meryl Neiman, an entrepreneur and mother of two, confronted Portman about the Regulatory Accountability Act, which environmentalists say would thwart rules to protect public health and wildlife by making it easier for companies to hinder regulations in costly lawsuits.

In a video posted to Facebook by the progressive group Indivisible Columbus District 3, Neiman follows Portman as he exits a building, asking him about the bill and why people should support a bill that could cause damage to the environment and public health.

“It’s a cost-benefit analysis,” Portman says, seated on the passenger side of a golf cart. The audio then becomes momentarily muffled.

“Well then could you stop taking money from the fossil fuel industry?” she says. “Because then I’d feel more comfortable that you’re doing it for the right reasons.”

Portman smiles and chuckles, then pulls away without responding.

That’s quite a thing, for Portman to be so dismissive of such a very basic and legitimate concern from a constituent.

Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States legalized political bribery with Citizens United, everybody should be legitimately concerned. With Portman, who so often sides with big money over his constutuents, the concerns are especially legitimate. It’s nothing to laugh off and ignore, although Rob Portman seems to believe it is.

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