TAKEAWAYS: The Republican white guys lost! For now. Their seven-year itch to kill Obamacare ended in defeat in the Senate. It was an historic moment when the turtle didn’t outrun the hare. You only needed to see Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s downcast visage to record the moment of despair. Besides, only in Aesop’s Fables would a turtle be credited with uncommon speed.

President Trump blamed three Republicans and 48 Democrats for mindlessly “letting down the American people.” It didn’t matter to him that a majority of the very same American people had opposed the Republican scheme. But in a muted appeal to his base, he then dismissed the outcome by saying “you can’t have everything.” Health care is hardly dominating his mind these days. He’s the guy who would be surrounded by a half-dozen specialists if he broke his fingernail.

About those three Republicans dissenters: Trump could now add two women – Sens. Murkowski and Collins – to his list of female ne’er-do-wells who stand in the way of his vision of making America great. Think Megyn Kelly, Katy Tur, Crooked Hillary, Elizabeth Warren. The dishonor of women butting into a man’s world grows with him. Will he ever get some sleep?

But life must go on in America, so the emperor continued his Campaign ’20 from town to town with speeches so misguided that two prominent organizations said they had heard enough. Offended Boy Scout leaders who hosted one of his campaign stops apologized for his numbing political clumsiness at their national Jamboree. The International Association of Police Chiefs immediately denounced his assertion to a group of cops that they ought to bang the heads of newly arrested suspects against car doors. On police brutality, it was just Trump being Trump. Ha. Ha.

He then called for a ban on transgenders in the military, saying he had based his plan on the advice of experts. The Joint Chiefs of Staff said they were never told in advance of the plan.

Operating freely under the cover of friendly evangelicals, Trump went ahead, without a rebuke, to hire a profane potty-mouthed communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, who is rich and maniacal and whose wife has now filed for divorce, accusing him of “naked political ambition.” Enough its enough, which is more than you can say about the supplicants around Trump. Even Reince Priebus, who was just shown the door, declared he remained a fan of the boss. A weakling, Trump had declared.

Oh, in a week of chaos, he also named retired Marine general John Ryan, to his chorus line to replace Priebus as strongman taxpayer-funded protection for a president who is now in the whimpering stage of insecurity. .

It’s a serial comedy, folks. It’s Fibber McTrump and Molly (Melania?) going on with characters like their neighbor Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve and Foggy Williams. The Fibber had a closet (swamp) so full of trash that it burst out like Vesuvius when he opened the door.

But it was so reassuring to hear the Emperor assert that he can be “more presidential” than any of his predecessors since Abraham Lincoln .

I have finally concluded that he’s a terrible liar. And the name Fibber is too kind.

As for his hiring of the Mooch without a scintilla of experience beyond Wall Street,, did the new guy join the Trump team for prestige and helping hand to close a deal on Mooch’s $50 million sale of his hedge fund to the Chinese? As it is often said: Follow the money.

But in fairness to Trump, he did assure us that with him in the Oval Office, we can all say Merry Christmas again when the season arrives.